Broadband Internet

All you need is
Heart of Iowa!

All of Heart of Iowa's Internet Speeds come with Unlimited Data. We take the worry out of how much data you are streaming!

LightNET, Heart of Iowa Communications’ Broadband Internet Service, is available to both Business and Residential customers at the same low prices.

Providing LightNET Broadband Internet Service in and around the following towns: Albion, Conrad/Beaman, Eldora, Ferguson, Gladbrook (select areas), Green Mountain, Haverhill/Van Cleve, Laurel, Legrand (select areas),  Liscomb, Marshalltown (select areas)  New Providence, Steamboat Rock, Union/Whitten/Bangor/Gifford.  

Voice Service is required with LightNET Broadband Internet Service.

LightNET Broadband Interet 3Mbps

Email & Browse

3 Mbps $39.95/Month
Basic usage, email, browse, news, weather, shop. Up to 3 Devices

LightNET Broadband Internet 30Mbps

Stream & Share

30 Mbps $49.95/Month
Watch online TV programming, photo uploads, videos, large files. Up to 8 Devices

LightNET Broadband Internet 60Mbps

Devices Galore

60 Mbps $69.95/Month
Smarthome devices, streaming, video conferencing, teens. 10+ Devices (Select areas of Eldora & Steamboat Rock)

LightNET Broadband Internet 90Mbps

Gamer Basic

90 Mbps $99.95/Month
Gaming, HD streaming, graphics, quick uploads. Extremely fast. 10+ Devices (Select areas of Eldora & Steamboat Rock)
* Higher Speeds Available at customer request.