Professional Services & Solutions

A professional company providing computer and network management, monitoring, back-up, troubleshooting and solutions for business owners.


How can our business benefit by working with Heart of Iowa:

Overall Cost

Reduce your overall cost by eliminating the need to hire a full or part-time IT employee.

New Technologies

Access to the new technologies & operational efficiencies.

Worry Free

Allows you to run your business and not worry about your network.  Also relieves employees of the difficult daily IT support challenges.

Reduce Operational Expenses

Helps business reduce operational expenses and reduce risk, while gaining a competitive advantage over local competition.

What you can expect from Heart of Iowa Management Services:

Support Solutions

IT support and solutions targeted to your specific business needs.


Services that makes technology work for you, your business and bottom line.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind that your business and business network are protected, backed-up and operating at peak efficiency.

Reduced Risk

Reduced risk of costly downtime and other IT surprises.


Dependable, reliable and trustworthy service.

Proactive Maintenance

Proactive network and/or server maintenance & support.

Onsite Support

Routine onsite service and support.

Rapid Response

Rapid response to natural disaster or network security breaches that compromise valuable information and data.

Services Provided

This level of service is for larger businesses that have employees with laptops and includes the monthly maintenance of an existing wired and wireless network. Support includes network connectivity troubleshooting, re-termination of cables, patch panels, and computer terminals. Also, wireless network setup and troubleshooting. – $100 per month

For larger businesses that have more complicated networking equipment and operate multiple business locations. Support includes network connectivity troubleshooting, re-termination of cables, patch panels, and computer terminals. Also, wireless network setup/troubleshooting and firewall provisioning/troubleshooting. – $200 per month

This service is for businesses that require access to their business programs or files from home or while traveling. remote access consists of a network that allows remote connection into your business network. Such as VPN, Remote Desktop services and remote web applications. – $40 per month

If your business has an existing server in place, this is a must have service, as servers require regular maintenance and updates. This service consists of your servers physical hardware and Operating System, such as physical hard drive, memory, power supplies, fans, motherboards, Raid configuration, Windows updates, general maintenance and labor. Any required parts are purchase by the customer. – $100 per month

Usually, if your business has a server, Microsoft Active Directory is involved to manage users, passwords and other resources on your network. With this service we manage all of this Data for you. Support includes maintaining users profiles, updating passwords, deletion and creation of new an old users and computers. – $4. per month

If your business has its own mail domain and mail service, you can rely on this service to ensure that your email is always available. Email Server support consists of Microsoft Exchange 2003-2010 configuration and maintenance. Support includes maintaining and troubleshooting mail flow, user’s mailbox maintenance, mailbox database maintenance, and alerts, spam awareness and blacklist monitoring and support. – $80 per month

Otherwise known as printer sharing, if you have multiple employees printing to the same printer, this monthly coverage will help ensure that you will not have problems. This service consists of the configuration and maintenance of your print server and installing network printers and driver software to work with Microsoft server. Support includes troubleshooting and repair of network related printing issues. Printer and hardware support obtained from the equipment manufacturer. – $40 per month

When many employees share files, there can be problems that occur. This coverage ensures that you won’t lose critical documents and keeps confidential file private. Support includes configuration, troubleshooting and repair with issues such as permissions and security. – $80 per month

If your business has company wide virus protection, let us ensure that all computers on your network are up to date and free of these business crippling viruses. Support includes 24/7 monitoring, troubleshooting and repair for server product only. Individual computer will not be covered in the event of a virus unless independent coverage is purchased for each computer. – $40 per month

Computer are essential to doing business. This service optimizes your business computers so you are not paying employees to sit on their slow under performing computer. This service includes the troubleshooting and repair of hardware and Operating System only, and scheduled maintenance for performance and virus removal. – $40 per month/per computer