8 Ways To Spot A Phishing Email

by | May 22, 2017 | News

8 Ways To Spot A Phishing Email

Phishing scams are appropriately named. Simply put, they are email scams that try to lure people into clicking on links that have viruses, much like someone trying to lure fish with bait. The email will offer something lucrative and tempting. It will likely disguise a link to a site you’re seemingly familiar with, in order to get you to click or download malicious software.

Phishing scams are gaining in popularity. A recent Internet Security report shows a 55 percent increase in phishing campaigns that targeted employees at businesses of all sizes. There’s no question that everyone is at risk these days. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly important to know how to identify a fake email without falling prey to its bait.


Most of the time, phishing emails are quite sophisticated and look very authentic and legitimate. Here are 8 examples of things to look for:
  1. A sense of urgency: “Hurry,” “ASAP,” “need this done by…”
  2. A threat: “We will suspend your account.”
  3. Directions to do something: “validate,” “verify,” “confirm,” “update.”
  4. Requests for personal information: SSN, address, account information.
  5. Unknown web addresses: These may be doctored to look legitimate.
  6. Fake/poor images.
  7. Poor spelling/grammar.
  8. Improbable scenarios.

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